RESTOCK { Fantasy LAND Series }


The story behind Fantasy Land

There were two sisters who ruled the land used their magic to make night and day.

Leona the eldest brought up the day , as Marlene the youngest brought up the night.  As days passed Marlene suddenly became jealous of her sister. One day she refused to lower the moon, so the Village was suffered.
Leona came to Marlene and tried to reason her.

Marlene pretended to listen but as her sister said her reasons – she became a nightmare.

A nightmare like no other.  Marlene said:”OKAY I will challenge you to a BATTLE. And If you win I will go. But if I win I will rule over fantasy land!”

Leona was shocked to hear this.But she had no other choice but to say “OKAY ,.. LETS FIGHT!.

The BATTLE begun and the citizen of fantasy land heard them. Eventually Leona won by using a NEW powerful spell given to her by wise gnome. Leona banished Marlene into the moon until the stars saved her. As time passed Leona was worried that the spell will be broken one day…. so When the Ceremony of the Million Stars IT HAPPENED , the spell was broken!  So Marlene came back, and Leona prepared herself for another BATTLE …..But Marlene surprisingly had changed. She vowed to herself that she will never bring destruction again. So that Harmony was stored back into Fantasy Land.

There are 6 chapters of Fantasy Land series, you can collect them all and let your imagination run while wearing the masks


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