Planner 2022 sewstories


FIRST BATCH WILL LAUNCHED @ december,6th 2022

Collection Planner 2022


Do you get overwhelmed with everything you need to do?

It can feel like there just isn’t time for everything that needs to be done in our work and personal lives.Using a planner to schedule appointments, events, and tasks means you always know what you need to do each day. As you fill in your calendar, block out the time needed for each task, so your days aren’t overscheduled. Be sure to schedule in family time and time for self care too. 

Include :

  1. Calendar 2022-2024
  2. Monthly Planner
  3. Weekly planner
  4. Daily planner
  5. Habit trackers
  6. Mood trackers
  7. Best achievement list
  8. Goals
  9. Priorities
  10. Rewarss
  11. To do lists
  12. Promises
  13. Highlight of the year
  14. Best moment of the month
  15. Monthly checklist
  16. Highlight of the year
  17. Notes and blank paper

Spec :

  1. A5 size
  2. Paper thickness 100gr (thick enough to play with your marker)
  3. 100pages
  4. Full color